Thursday, February 17, 2011

Civil War Era Fashion Plate - November 1864 Godey's Lady's Book


Fig 1 - Skirt of heavy black silk, edged with crimson silk, braided with black. Jacket of white silk, trimmed with bands of crimson silk braided with black. The hair is rolled in front, arranged in a bow at the back, and dressed with crimson velvet and small tufts of flowers.

Fig 2 - Skirt of chocolat at lait colored silk, with streamers of green silk richly trimmed with black lace. Jacket of black gros grains silk, trimmed with black velvet and steel buttons. The hair is waved in front, and arranged in a net at the back. Black felt hat, trimmed with green velvet ribbon, and a bouquet placed directly in front.

Fig 3 - Visiting suit of pearl-colored poplin, with vest of Magenta silk. White uncut velvet bonnet, with white plume.

Fig 4 - Walking suit of cuir-colored poplin, richly ornamented with guipure lace and crochet trimming. The skirt is looped over a petticoat formed of alternate stripes of blue and white merino, trimmed with black velvet. Bonnet of white plush, with soft crown of purple velvet. The trimming is composed of purple velvet and scarlet and white flowers.

Fig 5 - Rich purple silk dress, trimmed with black velvet and chenille fringe, arranged to simulate a tunic. The corsage is also trimmed with chenille fringe and velvet. White corded silk bonnet, trimmed with jet black feathers, a purple tip, and fancy grasses.

Fig 6 - Pearl-colored poplin dress, trimmed with rows of Magenta velvet, arranged in a pattern on each breadth. Wide sash of poplin, trimmed to match the skirt. Puffed waist, made of white cashmere, and trimmed with Magenta velvet. Hair rolled from the face and caught in a net, which is trimmed with Magenta ribbon.

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