Monday, February 14, 2011

Civil War Era Children's Fashion - June 1864 Godey's Lady's Book

Fig 1 - Dress of buff pique, stamped in a fancy design in black, and edged with a box-plaiting of black skirt braid. Fancy corsage, with bretelles made of black silk, trimmed with a quilling of black velvet. Plaid chenille net.

Fig 2 - Fancy silk dress, trimmed with a very thick black chenille cord, sewed on in the Grecian pattern. The corsage is low, and worn over a white muslin guimpe with long sleeves. The hat is of gray straw, trimmed with green and blue velvet, and a tuft of peacock's feathers.

Fig 3 - Boy's costume, consisting of loose pants of dark steel-colored alpaca. The jacket is of black cloth, embroidered in steel color. Shirt of white pique, fastened up the front with coral buttons.

Fig 4 - Boy's costume of gray cloth, trimmed with black braid.

Fig 5 - Misses costume, consisting of a sea-green silk shirt, edged with a narrow fluted ribbon. A white Garibaldi, braided with black braid, and a chenille net composed of the most brilliant Tartan colors.

Fig 6 - Boy's costume of cuir-colored pique. The pants are loose, and trimmed with buttons at the side. Cuir-colored straw hat, trimmed with black velvet.

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