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Civil War Era Fashion Plate - July 1864 Godey's Lady's Book

Civil War Era Fashion Plate - July 1864 Godey's Lady's Book

Description of Steel Fashion-Plate for July

Fig 1 - White grenadine dress, trimmed with graduated ruffles edges with a fancy gimp. Puffs of violet silk cross the ruffles at intervals. The corsage is in the Pompadour style, and trimmed with a puff of violet silk and narrow graduated ruffles. A very narrow scarf mantle, of the same material as the dress, is trimmed to match. The hat is of rice straw, trimmed with violet and white plumes.

Fig 2 - Dress of buff silk, trimmed on the edge of the skirt with a box-plaited ruffle, which is ornamented with quite large black chenille drop buttons. The corsage is low, with a short puffed sleeve. The guimpe is of black spotted net, finished with narrow thread lace. The corselet is of a new style, made of black silk, and ornamented by chenille tassels and drop buttons. The hair is very heavily crimped and rolled. The coiffure is composed of loops of scarlet and black ribbon.

Fig 3 - Dress of white alpaca, trimmed with a brilliant bias plaid silk. The corsage is cut in turrets at the waist, and made precisely the same in front as at the back. Rice straw hat, trimmed with plaid to match the dress. The hair is waved by being plaited over night, and then combed out.

Fig 4 - Dress of French muslin. The skirt is formed of graduated puffs, separated by bands of insertion. On the edge of the skirt is an elegantly worked ruffle. The Zouave is trimmed with puffs, insertion, and ruffles. The vest is of rich blue silk. The hair is rolled off the face, and an Alexandra curl falls over the left shoulder.

Fig 5 - Dress of pink percale, printed in a design to resemble lace. The pattern on the skirt is linked diamonds, the same as on the sleeves, only on a larger scale. The white underwaist is formed of small puffs. Straw hat, trimmed with green velvet and white plumes.

Fig 6 - Ball Dress. The underskirt is of rich white glace silk, trimmed with a point lace ruffle and black lace leaves. The overdress is of green silk, made in the Eugenie style, and trimmed with point lace and black thread lace leaves. The hair is dressed in front in the Russian style, and arranged at the back in a double waterfall.

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