Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Civil War Era Ladies' Dresses - March 1863 Godey's Lady's Book

Civil War Era Ladies' Dresses - March 1863 Godey's Lady's Book

Fashionable Dresses
Fig 1 - Mode-colored poplin, with a mode silk flounce fourteen inches wide. Corsage pointed behind and before. Sleeves open from the elbow. Black velvet bows down the front of the dress.

Fig 2 - La Valliere brown poplin dress, trimmed with a black pinked flounce, headed by a chicore ruche. This flounce extends up the front in zigzags. The sleeves are trimmed to match the skirt.

Fig 3 - Dress of dahlia-colored silk. The skirt is trimmed with eight or nine double chicore ruches, made of black silk, extending to within a quarter of a yard of the bottom of the dress. These ruches are surrounded by two very narrow flounces like the dress. Low corsage, with Marie Antoinette fichu of the same material as the dress.

Fig 4 - Dress of mode-colored reps, with revers on the skirt, trimmed round with quilled ribbon. The openings between the revers are filled in with narrow ruffles either of mode or black silk. A plaiting of reps is on the bottom of the skirt. The plastron of the body and the quantlet on the sleeves are trimmed with a quilled ribbon.

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