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Civil War Era Fashion Chit Chat - January 1860 Journal Des Demoiselles

Civil War Era Fashion Chit Chat - January 1860 Journal Des Demoiselles


He well, dear children, here you are satisfied, filled, and quite grateful to the new year. I am happy and just add to all the wishes that already, those who love you have forms for you, the wishes of a friend who wishes you well, and take every opportunity to give you proof of his affection .

This raises, let's talk:

But what then cause today? Recues visits, or made to do? It would be a chapter, if not fun, at least curious, and we could suggest useful reflections and observations interesting, but unfortunately, morality and philosophy are two sciences that I deemed not know, and in which I do not enter. Balls and concerts? I admit, but as he is also talking interditde mu sic, I'm reduced to making an inventory of diamonds Ms. X. ..: analysis toilet Mrs. Z. .. and the report finally ornaments more or less rough, more or less elegant that I have noticed. You straighten your head and listen as if this matter should interest you enormously. Well, we'll come back and I promise to show you how to make you beautiful, but you will agree with me that the most charming dress of a young girl, the freshness and the cheerful and open it wins hearts. Cesourire, ceteclat this freshness that you give them, otherwise this benevolent deity to which the antique pagan altars erected: health in one word? This health, this trasor, it is necessary to preserve at all costs, and take time to enjoy the precautions that the rigor of the season makes it so necessary.

So let us talk of hygiene, since the opportunity presents itself, and take my advice. First, dear friends, do ves Discover shoulders as little as possible, and cover the outlet ball as you litter the board in November, it is so slight that it will suffer any pressure or even a fatal hairdo and so hot that you will not feel the wind blowing outside and you inevitably reach in this hall or gallery cassette. So take your hands at the earliest, and if it is not already done, start out this kind of ball you make white and pink, white and blue, but white, or white, I must admit that this is the last object of my preferences: it simulates a swan dress fits perfectly and has all the faces at the same time it is consistent with all toilets.

First point to bear well: Topping Up least and get a; protected from drafts. Second point is no less important: Allow your size has full and complete freedom. Oh! madame, what do you mean? do you have the pretension that we should forsake our corsets?

Away from, carje just say, on the contrary, those of you who, through indifference or for any other reason, sometimes neglect this essential part of the toilet: You can not do without.

But I beg you, and it is to your mothers I speak now, take the greatest care in the choices you make an faiscuse; nothing more important, and there is yet more difficult to meet : that it is not to make you a size doll, you bard iron and you say: Stay straight.

I'd suggest developing a whale armor bristling steel springs long, wide, across, real arsenal that I can not think without experiencing palpitations, upset stomach or suffocation.

What you need is a corset very soft, very flexible, which, far from hurting you, you will experience a feeling of well-being that I can not define, but you'll know soon, I ' hope, when you try to lifejackets hygienic Madame Huot. Thanks to her the old saying: you have to suffer for being beautiful, has no meaning and is a crude lie. Sidonc you are sensible girls and eager to maintain or regain health or if, perchance, it had been weathered, feel free to point and make you take action.

You have heard and understood, is not it? Give me your little hand for a moment, just long enough to pass you a wrist English, intended to cover the arm portion remaining was naked between the sleeve and glove.

Which gloves, madam, now feels most couvenables?

To visit and dinner glove Suede is always the most distinguished, for horses, glove suede cuff with Crispin, for shopping, the kid glove double flannel or cashmere glove. And dog skin, should we permit it?

Provided that you do not choose this shade bloody made to inspire disgust and horror, unless however, that you were standing absolutely resemble a small skinned.

And now, goodbye, and next month.

Note: This is a literal translation of the original magazine by Google Translate.

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