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Civil War Era Fashion Plate - September 1864 Godey's Lady's Book

Civil War Era Fashion Plate - September 1864 Godey's Lady's Book

Description of Steel Fashion-Plate for September

Fig 1 - Dress suitable for a dinner party. Sea-green silk dress, trimmed with bands of black velvet. On these bands are diamonds cut out of white satin and trimmed round with lace. Duchess collar of point lace. Coiffure of point lace. The hair is also dressed with beads and loops of green velvet.

Fig 2 - Robe dress of pearl-colored silk, ornamented with figures and flowers in bright colors. Guimpe and sleeves of white muslin, finished with a muslin ruching. Black straw hat, trimmed with a long white feather, an aigrette of spun glass, and small scarlet feather tips.

Fig 3 - Dress of black silk. The skirt is plain. The corsage is in the coat tail style, and trimmed with a narrow fluted ribbon and a bead trimming. The vest is of Ophelia purple silk. Bonnet of white chip, trimmed with a long white plume. The inside trimming is of Ophelia velvet.

Fig 4 - Dress of pearl-colored poplin, trimmed with bands of Solferino velvet sewed in waves around the edge of the skirt, and up to the waist on the right side. Fancy lace cap, trimmed with Solferino flowers.

Fig 5 - Dress of tan-colored poplin, trimmed on the edge of the skirt with a quilling of the same. Above this are chenille cords, gracefully festooned and fastened on each breadth with bows and tassels. The corsage is made with a short basque behind, and points in front. The bonnet is pf Eugenie blue silk, trimmed with a white lace veil.

Fig 6 - Morning-dress of white alpaca, richly trimmed with Solferino silk. It is made short, to show a cambric skirt, which is trimmed with four fluted ruffles. Fancy lace cap, with long tabs, which fasten at the throat with a pin, and take the place of a collar.

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