Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Civil War Era Fashion Plate - June 1863 Godey's Lady's Book

Civil War Era Fashion Plate - June 1863 Godey's Lady's Book

Description of Steel Fashion-Plate for June

Fig 1 - Dress of white grenadine, with scarf mantle to match. The dress and scarf are trimmed with a fluting of green silk, and the sash is of graduated green silk, with heavily fringed ends. The hat is of white chip, trimmed with a long white ostrich feather and a short green one.

Fig 2 - White silk dress, with double skirt. The upper skirt is slashed at intervals to the depth of half a yard. The ends are folded over and caught by a black lace bow. The sleeves are trimmed in the same style. The corsage is plain, and pointed both back and front. A black lace scarf is pointed at the back to form a bertha, crosses in front and is tied at the back, where it falls in long streamers. Straw hat, edged with black lace, and trimmed with black velvet and a balck feather.

Fig 3 - A purple grenadine robe dress, with scarf, made over purple silk. The corsage is made with a jockey at the back, and revers in front. The mantle is trimmed with two rows of rich lace. White chip bonnet, trimmed with green ribbon and w hite feather.

Fig 4 - Little boy's dress of white pique, richly braided above the hem and up the front in the tunic style.

Fig 5 - Dress of cuir-colored alpaca, with Zouave of the same, trimmed with braid and drop buttons. The skirt is gored to form a corslet in front. Leghorn hat, trimmed with flowers and grass.

Fig 6 - Dress of thin blue Mozambique, barred with black, and trimmed with a fluting of blue ribbon sewed in waves just above the hem. The corsage is low and square, and worn with a muslin guipure.

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