Monday, February 7, 2011

Civil War Era Fashion Plate - January 1863 Godey's Lady's Book

Fig 1 - Dress Suitable for a bridesmaid. White silk under-dress, with over-dress of white crepe, made with two skirts. The second skirt is quite long, and is finished with scallops bound with white silk, and is elegantly trimmed with puffs of the crepe arranged in a linked Grecian pattern. The same design forms the bertha on the corsage, also trims the sleeves. The corsage is made with a deep point both behind and before. Etruscan ornaments and coiffure of cherries with foliage.

Fig 2 - Dress of white reps, with five narrow flounces on the skirt, trimmed with violet velvet. Above this trimming are three black thread lace flounces. Corsage pointed both back and front, and trimmed with lace and violet velvet trimmins. Sash of violet velvet, embroidered and fringed. Coiffure of Parma violets.

Fig 3 - White satin dress, trimmed elaborately with groseille velvet and black lace. Bertha and corslet trimmed to match the skirt. Coiffure composed of white ostrich plumes and groseille velvet.

Fig 4 - White glace silk, with plain skirt; corsage trimmed with folds, and the sleeves one large puff. Breast knot of green velvet, with bullion tassels. Sash of green velvet, with pointed ends, finished with heavy bullion tassels. Coiffure of green velvet and Solferino flowers.

Fig 5 - Dress suitable for a bridesmaid, composed of white muslin, with six gauffered flounces on the skirt. Bertha formed of three gauffered ruffles. Full body and puff sleeves. Pink sash, with heavy fringed ends tied behind. Coiffure of rose-buds, with foliage.

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